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EUMETCAST Images and Products

Channel Imagery
IR-10.8(3D-View) | IR-10.8(Troll)

VIS-0.6*  |  VIS-0.8*

IR-1.6  |  IR-3.9  |  IR-8.7

IR-9.7  |  IR-10.8  |  IR-12.0  |  IR-13.4

WV-6.2  |  WV-7.3

Full Disk  |  HRV*  |  Full Disk(Troll)

RGB Products
Air Mass


Day-Microphysics* |  Night Fog

NDVI* |  Dust


True Colour*

ARCHIVE |  User Guide

* Not available in Night time
Acknowledgement: The data has been received through EUMETSAT's EUMETCAST service at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) through the National Knowledge Network (NKN) infrastructure, under the license agreement with the India Meteorological Department (IMD). The data has been processed using the PyTroll Software Project at NCMRWF. Any unauthorized or commercial use will be a violation of Copyrights Act and is a punishable offence.